Every life is significant.
Every life has a story to be told.
Let us help you tell that story.

We are indeed grateful for the trust and confidence that our families have placed in us. While the encounter with death is never easy,
we hope we are able to make the funeral process less difficult and a more personalized, memorable experience.

Obituaries for Current and Recent Funerals
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  Date of Death
John C. Wiehn   
January 04, 2008
E. Ray Wiseman   
January 03, 2008
Margaret Witte April 15, 2008
Monica Teresa Wandro September 25, 2001
Marilyn Jean Williams March 28, 2008
Gordon Wadsworth   
May 11, 2004
George Wagner May 15, 2002
Helen Wagner January 25, 2007
Victoria "Vicki" Wagner June 12, 2006
David Walker April 20, 2002

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