Pre-arranging your own or a loved one's funeral is a decision only you can make.  We believe the first step is talking to your family, as funeral arrangements will most impact them when the time comes.  This gives your family a chance to communicate their own thoughts as well as hearing your wishes.  We can help you and your family decide upon the best options for the type of service you desire. 

While the objective of some funeral homes is to get you to pre-pay for the funeral, we know the most important thing to your family is the ease of having many of the decisions already made and your wishes known.  There are times when pre-payment is beneficial and we can advise you of these instances.  If pre-payment is decided upon, all funds are placed in FDIC insured trust accounts at the bank of your choice and is fully transferable and reviewable by the purchaser at any time.  We feel that you, as the purchaser, should be able to have directive over your own money.

McKown Funeral Home offers you the opportunity to make pre-arrangement plans on line.  Please complete the pre-arrangement form and contact us if you feel the need.


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